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Right Care, Right Person.

Right Care, Right Person is a new way for emergency services to handle calls about mental health. They’re spreading this approach across the UK by working with other police forces, healthcare providers, and the government.

The idea is to make sure that when someone calls about a mental health issue, the right people respond instead of just the police. This change aims to reduce the strain on services and ensure that the right care is given by the right people.

Don’t worry – the police will still do their main job of keeping everyone safe. If there’s a real and urgent danger to someone’s life or serious harm, the police will act quickly, just like they do now. The people who answer calls at the Met will be trained to use the new model. This training will help them figure out what to do with each call, like whether to send police officers or not.

This new process should mean that police officers go to fewer calls overall. Instead, they’ll focus on situations where the police are still needed, like when health and social care partners need support with patients who are being violent or have attacked healthcare staff.

Please use this page for your reference. We have attached as many relevant materials as we have access to. If you are confused or concerned about what the implementation of this scheme means, please get in contact with us.


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